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May 22, 2023

8 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

8 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is almost upon us! This three-day weekend is not only the unofficial start of summer, but also an opportunity for us to honor the people who have fought so bravely for our country.

Looking for ways to celebrate this upcoming holiday? Below you’ll find 10 ways you can commemorate the weekend. And if you yourself are a current service member or veteran—thank you for your service!

Attend a local event — From festive parades to summer festivals, firework displays, concerts and more, Memorial Day weekend is usually ripe with fun things to do around your community. Head out to celebrate Memorial Day with other locals and say hello to summer. 

Host a family BBQ — There’s nothing better than a warm day in the backyard spent with delicious burgers, hot dogs, and, of course, all of your favorite people. Use this roundup of grilling recipes from Good Housekeeping for menu inspiration. 

Spend the day outdoors — Many consider Memorial Day weekend to be the first weekend of summer. So, if the weather is nice, head outdoors for a walk, bike ride or picnic—just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Set off on a road trip — Three days is the perfect time frame to fit in a fun road trip! Pack up the car and head to a new place that you’ve never been before. 

Volunteer for your community — Whether it is a community soup kitchen, a blood drive, grabbing groceries for an elderly neighbor, volunteering is a great way to pay it forward and capture the true spirit of Memorial Day. 

Thank a Service Member or Veteran — While the classic Memorial Day picnics, BBQs, and relaxation is a huge part of our annual celebration, make sure to commemorate the holiday by thanking a soldier, past or present, for their service.

Participate in the National Moment of Remembrance — Take a moment of silence at 3 p.m. local time for the National Moment of Remembrance to remember individuals who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. 

Buy a poppy — Every year, members of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) accept donations for poppies, which are usually handmade by veterans in VA hospitals. Your donation goes to support state and national rehabilitation service programs for veterans.

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May 10, 2023

10 Tips for Getting Your Backyard Summer Ready

10 Tips for Getting Your Backyard Summer Ready

As the days begin to get warmer, the sun sets a little later, and you want to spend more time outside, make sure your backyard is up for the challenge by getting it summer-ready!

From giving your grass a little TLC to dusting off your favorite outdoor equipment, take the steps to properly prepare your backyard for summer so you can enjoy your private oasis all season long. 

Rake your yard to remove leaves and other debris that prevent essential nutrients from reaching the soil below.

Aerate your grass and add fertilizer to help create a healthier and more vibrant lawn.

Reseed bare patches of grass and use mulch to encourage new growth.

Prune trees and shrubs to help prevent any infections or insects from spreading to other limbs.

Add insect repelling lighting like torches or LED lanterns to help keep pests away. 

Prepare your flower beds by removing winter protection and removing any dried leaves or debris.

Clean your backyard furniture and get rid of any winter buildup by scrubbing them with mixture of dish soap and water and spraying them down with water.

Pull out any seasonal toys like playhouses, inflatables, splash pads and more, and get them ready for summer play.

Get your grill ready for the season by scrubbing the grates, cleaning off the exterior, and upgrading any of your old utensils.

Start planning your outdoor summer projects like planting new herb gardens, adding an above ground pool, building a fire pit, and more so you can start tackling them this season.

Do you need help with a home or landscaping project? We've published our 2023 List of Highly Rated Home Service Providers. From Appliance Repair to Electricians and Fire/Mold Restoration to Structural Engineers we have got you covered with all the resources you need to update, maintain, repair your home and more. Check out the list link at the bottom of our Pikes Peak Home Team homepage. You might want to save this resource for future reference.

May 4, 2023

What is Pre-Approval and Why Do I Need It?

What is Pre-Approval and Why Do I Need It?

Buyers, it is extremely important that you connect with a qualified lender. Your loan officer will review your goals and finances to determine what you qualify to buy. If you would like help selecting a qualified lender, view our Trusted Vendors for Buyers page to see a list of lenders we've enjoyed working with in the past. The pre-approval process will help you in the following ways:

  • You will know in advance what your payments will be.
  • You won't waste time considering homes you cannot afford.
  • There are many loan options and programs to choose from in today's market. Your lender will explain the alternatives to help you select the one best suited for you.
  • Almost not one will accept your offer without a pre-approval letter attached.
  • You will have an estimate of your closing costs and we will explain them to you in detail.
  • You will have peace of mind. 

Best Piece of Advice: Take the pre-qualification one step further and get a full loan approval.


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April 20, 2023

8 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Spring Décor


8 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Spring Décor


Spring is finally here! From the warming weather to the blooming greenery, there is just so much to love about this season.

It’s time to pack up your cozy winter décor and start refreshing your home for spring. But before you break out the bunnies and eggs, check out the list below for a few simple and easy ways you can spruce up your home this season.

Add Flowers: Add a touch of spring to any room with a bouquet of fresh flowers! From budding hydrangeas to a bundle of tulips, a selection from the array of flowers lining the entrance of your grocery store is the perfect way to welcome the season into your home.

Incorporate Mirrors: Including a few mirrors in your spring décor can help bounce any natural light around a room, making the space feel brighter and larger. 

Embrace Pastel Shades: We can’t think about spring without thinking about the light blues, pinks, and yellows that come with it. Throw pillows, knickknacks, curtains, and dish towels all provide an opportunity to add brighter hues to your home without going overboard.

Swap Out Your Bedding: Spring is all about awakening, so this is the perfect time of year to wake up in your bedroom with some new bedding! Refresh your room by switching out your heavy winter blankets, throws, and pillows with slightly lighter linens.

Add Baskets to Reduce Clutter: It's spring cleaning season! Amidst all your decluttering, you’ve probably found a few things that just don’t fit into your closets or in drawers. Luckily, wicker, rope, and felt baskets exist for this very purpose. Place a few in every room and use them to store your extra blankets, books, magazines, mail, and more.

Update Your Patio Décor: If you’re lucky enough to have a back patio or deck, don’t neglect it this spring. Since you’ll definitely want to enjoy it during the warmer months this year, take some time to turn it into a calming outdoor retreat by investing in some outdoor furniture, pillows, rugs and more. 

Don’t Forget the Greenery: If pastels and flowers just don’t fit into your décor style, don’t worry. You can still incorporate a bit of spring into your home using greenery! Potted plants, hanging vines, and even seed starters for your garden can add the perfect hint of springtime to your décor.

Hang a Spring Wreath: Make the perfect first impression by adding a spring wreath to your front door! Pick one up from your local craft store or make your own using fresh flowers and greenery. You can mist it with water and cover it with a plastic bag at night to seal in the moisture and keep your wreath fresh for longer. 


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April 12, 2023

6 Things You Should Spring Clean That Are Not Your Home


6 Things You Should Spring Clean That Are Not Your Home


Spring cleaning has become part of many of our yearly routines—and for a good reason! Decluttering, deep cleaning, and refreshing our homes allow us to create a clean slate for the rest of the year.

But while cleaning out your refrigerator and finally organizing your closet are necessary and important tasks, there are a few things outside of your home that could use a little attention as well.

Your Devices: We use our phones, tablets, and laptops every day, so they are bound to need a good physical and digital scrubbing every once in a while. Wipe down the screens with a screen cleaner, wash your cases, and organize your apps to keep them squeaky clean. 

Your Email/Texts: While you’re at it, take the time to go through your emails or texts and delete the ones you no longer need. You can also save important messages to folders on your device for future reference. 

Your Car: Stop by a local car wash and spring clean your car so it is ready for all your morning commutes and those future summer road trips. Vacuum the rugs and seats, wipe down the dashboard, and scrub the outside until it sparkles.

Your Wallet/Purse: From old movie tickets to gum wrappers and receipts, we all have clutter taking up valuable space in our wallets and purses. Take some time to declutter your most useful accessory so that you can always find exactly what you need.

Your Budget: If your 2022 resolution was to save more money, it may be time to sit down and revaluate your budget! Take stock of how much you are spending and saving and reorganize your budget to ensure that it is working best for you.

Your Mail: While throwing away junk mail is almost second nature to us these days, did you know that there are ways to stop junk mail from being delivered to your mailbox? The Federal Trade Commission has a few tips to help you get started.


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April 5, 2023

Market Update March 2023

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March 25, 2023

5 Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Spring

5 Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Spring

Winter can be hard on your yard — leaving your grass, shrubs, and trees weak and full of debris after months of colder temperatures. While your current curb appeal situation may seem dire, with the right preparations, you can make sure your lawn comes back fuller and lusher than ever this spring!

1. Rake any fallen leaves: Raking is one of the first things you should do to help encourage new growth throughout your lawn. Using a flexible leaf rake, rake thoroughly, but gently, to remove any fallen debris and break up and dead grass patches. 

2. Access your soil: Now that you’ve raked away any debris, use this opportunity to test your soil and ensure it has a neutral pH. You can easily test your soil with a home test kit. Once you know the pH balance of your soil, you can take steps to address any issues before spring truly begins. 

3. Prune any broken or dead tree limbs: Heavy snow and ice impact your trees during the winter. As you prepare your yard for the spring season, make sure you’ve taken the time to trim back any broken, diseased, or dead branches that could cause bigger issues in the future. 

4. Clear out weeds: It’s never too early to start weeding your garden! You can also use this time to spray a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent future weeds from popping up in your garden in the warmer months. 

5. Clean up your warm weather lawn tools: Pull out any of your spring or summer yard tools like your lawn mower or weed trimmers and ensure they are in top shape. Early spring is a great time to sharpen your lawn mower blades and replace any broken parts before you’ll need to use them more regularly. 

March 15, 2023

7 Home Improvement Projects That Can Add Value to Your Home

7 Home Improvement Projects That Can Add Value to Your Home

Thinking about listing your home this year? Now is a great time to start tackling a few home improvement projects to help increase your property’s value! 

1. Add a fresh coat of paint: A coat of paint or some new wallpaper can go a long way when it comes to making your home feel and look brand new.

2. Refresh your kitchen: Many buyers zero in on the kitchen as a central feature of a home. That means if your kitchen is outdated, taking the time to refresh appliances and updating the décor can make a huge difference on your potential selling price. 

3. Clean and declutter: When it comes to listing your home, deep cleaning is one of the best (and most affordable) ways to add extra value! Take this opportunity to dust in high places, wash your baseboards, give floors a good mop, and haul excess junk and clutter to a donation center. 

4. Work on your curb appeal: Simple additions like some new plants, outdoor lighting, a refreshed walkway, or a spruced-up porch can be an affordable way to make a great first impression on potential buyers. 

5. Refinish any hardwood floors: Refinishing old hardwood floors is another great way to add value to the home to get them in top shape for new homeowners.

6. Add usable square footage: Homes are usually priced by the amount of livable square footage they contain — so it just makes sense to add more usable space when possible! This means finishing any unfinished basements, building a separate guest suite, or adding a new bathroom are all great ways to help increase the value of your home.

7. Make your home more energy-efficient: Investing in energy-efficient appliances is a great way to lower your living cost and appeal to potential buyers who are looking to do the same.

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March 9, 2023

Market Update February 2023

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March 3, 2023

5 Factors that Affect Your Credit Score

FICO® credit scores range between 300 and 850, with scores above 640 considered to be the minimum for obtaining most mortgages. The following factors affect your score:

1. Your payment history. 

Did you pay your credit card obligations on time? If you paid late, then how late? Bankruptcy filing, liens, and collection activity also impact your history. 


2. How much you owe.  

If you owe a great deal of money on numerous accounts, it can indicate that you are overextended. However, it’s a good thing if you have a good proportion of balances to total credit limits. 

3. The length of your credit history. 

In general, the longer you have had accounts opened, the better. The average consumer's oldest obligation is 14 years old, indicating that he or she has been managing credit for some time, according to Fair Isaac Corp.  You may want to think twice before closing accounts you’ve had for a long time.


4. How much new credit you have. 

New credit, either installment payments or new credit cards, are considered more risky, even if you pay them promptly. 

5. The types of credit you use. 

Generally, it’s desirable to have more than one type of credit — installment loans, credit cards, and a mortgage, for example.

For more on evaluating and understanding your FICO credit score, visit as well as speak to a professional lender.


It is not advisable to contact creditors or collection agencies without first consulting with a professional lender who can guide you through the process.  To obtain your free credit report allowed from each bureau each year, go to  The three different credit bureaus and their contact information are listed below.


Equifax – -1-877-322-8228

Experian- – 1-888-397-3742


TransUnion – – 1-800-493-2392


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