Preparing For Your Move - A Moving Timeline and Checklist

 Moving is a busy time so we've made it easier for you by providing a helpful checklist to save you time.


Arrange for moving your furniture and personal belongings either by hiring a moving company or renting a truck. Get estimates from several moving companies or truck rental companies and be sure to obtain a hand truck (appliance dolly) if you’re moving yourself.

Gather moving supplies: boxes, tape, rope, and anything else you might need.

Plan your travel itinerary and make transportation and lodging reservations in advance if you are driving to your new home. (Leave a copy with a friend or relative.)

Some moving expenses are tax deductible, so you will want to save your moving expense receipts for tax deductions, including meals, lodging and gasoline or mileage.

Record expenses incurred during your house-hunting trips.

Develop a plan for packing, such as packing last the things you use the most.

Notify others of your new address: post office, charge accounts, subscriptions, relatives and friends, national and alumni organizations, church, mail order clubs (books, videos, catalogues), firms with which you have time payments, and your past employer to make sure that you receive W-2 forms and retirement-account information. Save your old address labels to speed up filling out change-of-address forms for your new address.

Notify federal and state taxing authorities or any governmental agency necessary.


Notify and get refunds from your present utilities: gas, electric, water, cable, and phone. Arrange for services at your new address. Notify phone company and arrange for service at your new address.

Have your car serviced if you are driving a long distance to your new home.

Recruit people to help you on moving day.

Arrange for someone to take care of your pets and children during the move.

Confirm moving company or rental-truck arrangements.



Keep moving materials separate so they don’t get packed until you are finished.

Pick up rental truck if you are moving yourself.

Fill up your car with gas and check oil and tires.