Clean   Spotless kitchen, baths, patios and decks.

Clutter free   No personal items. Model home look.

Color   Warm rooms with color accents.

What to Do When You Have a Showing

You can have as much or little notice as you require for showings, but keep in mind that you want to sell your home and it is best if you can be ready within an hour or so for an agent to show your house. Showings are scheduled during the week AND on the weekends.

It is ideal to have you gone when the prospective buyer arrives. They are more likely to stay a while and imagine their new life in the house if you are not there. Give them space to make the buying decision.

If you have pets, please crate them or take them with you as not everyone is comfortable with pets.

Put away any personal items you had out including laundry, dishes and even your toothbrush. You want this buyer to feel like a buyer, not an intruder.

If you are available to turn on all the lights before a showing, please do. It adds to the nice atmosphere.

If you have any special considerations, let me know. I will inform our staff of the special instructions for showing your home. If they change, please tell me and I will update our staff.